Saturday, 3 January 2009

Why You Should Buy Organic Foods

Organic fruits are products that are free of synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, irradiation, and biotechnology. They are more nutritional because plants produce more vitamins and antioxidants when grown without using pesticides and fertilizers.
Organic farmers usually conserve energy and help to protect the environment by growing their foods organic. Not using fertilizers and pesticides reduce pollution of groundwater. Organic agriculture reduces the greenhouse effect and global warming. Organic meat comes from animals that were raised without being fed antibiotics or growth hormones.

When you are shopping for organic foods you should look for the USDA seal. On meat and dairy products, this seal tells you that you are buying antibiotic and hormone-free products.


Jenai said...

Great post. I am all for organic foods.

Best Buy Idea said...

Some people have misconcept about organic food that is suitable for patient or people with special needs, but I would say, every mankind deserve the healthiest food in order to build a healthy body and have joy in life, for family, career, travel etc. Let's promote organic food.