Friday, 1 April 2011

Indian Biotech Investment

India, the darling of the world in terms of the industry is concerned about the bio technology offers enormous opportunities for businesses to invest in India. The growth of the three areas of medicine, bio-technology climate, the agricultural and industrial products, and beneficial to also make India as one of the ideal destinations for global investment flows into India. Here are some areas where opportunities exist for India:

Vaccines: huge and growing population of India is among the largest world market for vaccines of all kinds. India is facing a growing demand for new generation vaccines and "combination" as DTP with hepatitis B, hepatitis A and polio vaccine injection, and several veterinary and poultry vaccines. In addition to conventional vaccines, rDNA have a market potential and offer great opportunities for business economy.

Drug Discovery: Opportunities to improve existing production structures and economies of scale based on licensing, joint ventures, the establishment of production bases and to establish rules for the distribution of royalties for all products and therapeutic drugs approved for marketing in India, in particular insulin, alpha interferon, hepatitis B surface antigen-based vaccine, erythropoietin, streptokinase, chymotrypsin, and others.

Agriculture: hybrid seeds, including genetically modified seeds such as Bt cotton represent new business opportunities based on performance improvement, and development of a manufacturing base in biopesticides and biofertilizers facilitate the entry of India in the growing market organic food or natural. genetically modified crops, like corn, cotton, millet, mustard and other vegetables diet also reinforced good potential in agriculture and also leads to improving agricultural production and productivity per hectare.

drug research: new research and developments in the field make it a center for technological development of new products and drugs with market lending to India and developed the same thing. Indian pharmaceutical companies possess competitive skills in chemical synthesis and process analysis and mining technologies, which can be used to develop new drugs and formulations. New investments in research and defense of patents successfully for a number of Indian companies in global markets has opened up new markets for ten Indian companies.

research and clinical trials: Clinical trials in India cost less than a fraction of what it costs in developed markets, clinical research organizations may apply for research projects and pilot projects in India by international companies, provided they are able to demonstrate international best practices and monitoring procedures.

Bioinformatics: Bioinformatics Indian companies can play an important role in key sectors such as mining, lexican, mapping and sequencing the DNA extraction, the design of molecular simulation on the world market for services bilinformatics. complex algorithm of writing and the use of computing power to study the 3D structures of proteins are the headlines in this area and India offers good investment opportunities for the same.